Transport and Shipping

Prior to each blood collection, logistics and storage issues should be clarified. When sending samples to the laboratory, the fastest and shortest route to the laboratory must always be chosen. The safest way is shipping the sample via the shuttle service of our laboratory on the the same day the sample was collected. Our drivers are informed of the prescribed maximum transit times.

The laboratory provides the containers in which the samples are packaged and transported. For some tests the shipping of frozen plasma or serum is necessary. For this we offer a freezer container for 2 test tubes with content up to 10 mL. The freezing containers should (-20 degrees Celsius) lie overnight in the freezer before the frozen serum or plasma samples are placed into it, and stay until transportation in the freezer. Shortly before transportation, the freezer box is placed in the polystyrene box and sealed with a rubber band. Each transport tank comprises a thermometer for temperature monitoring.

Diagnostic, possibly infectious materials must be properly (packing instruction P650 of ADR) sent and transported. This provision is absolutely binding and must be maintained. We will gladly mail you the the guidelnes upon request.