Order Forms

In order to ensure simple and clear communication of analysis orders, we provide various order forms.When you fill out the form, please include all requests and clinical information about when the sample was taken (date, time) next to the patient information.

Each form should be marked with a bar code. Our barcodes contain 10 digits. The first four digits identify the sender. Exceptions are microbiological requirements: you will get an extra barcode, starting with the number 55. The following four digits identify the patient. The last two digits (00 to 12) are only relevant for the laboratory. The sample containers must be marked with the same barcode. The barcode number contains the job number.

Example barcode

Barcode Anforderungsschein

For each blood sample and each patient 12 barcodes are available. Please use any bar code set only once. If the same patient arrives the next day for another blood sample, a new barcode must be used.

All analyses can be requested with a letter of referral (pattern 10 or pattern 10BF). IGEL and private services must be identified. Upon request we provide standard forms for the laboratory community parameters, special analyzes, individual health services and private patients. On the special IGeL notes, the prices are listed according to the simple GOÄ set.