Our Services

Timely Analysis

With our highly qualified team and modern equipment, we are able to offer high quality laboratory analysis. Our flexibilty allows us to deliver time relevant results in the early afternoon and we are therefore faster than the large laboratories. 

Direct EDV Connection

We deliever all results via DFÜ directly into your EDV system. We are familiar with all current practice systems and can without any problems be connected to the system within a short time. In addition, we offer secure internet access to our systems so that you can see the results of your laboratory tests and print them out wherever you are. It is also possible to send the results in PDF format via email.

Private Driving Service

The daily readiness of our specially trained drivers ensures the quality of the pre analytic and allows us to better fulfill your wishes.

Blood Drawing in the Laboratory

Patients can come directly to us in the laboratory to have their blood drawn on weekdays from 10 am to 6 pm after consultation. This is convenient for both the physician and the patients. Incorrect results due to unstable parameters casued by long transport times can be avoided and you are less dependent on the driving service. 


We offer the opportunity for outpatient transfusions in our rooms. The transfusions take place in an intimate atmosphere under the supervision of a transfusion specialist. This makes hospital stays unnessary in many cases.