To use the system, registration is required. The registration can be requested at any time in our laboratory by telephone, fax or email.

Admission Requirements

Access to our system is done with an internet browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari. A current version of the internet browser should be used.

Installation and Access

After registration you will receive from us

  1. an electronic user certificate,
  2. an installation password for the user certificate,
  3. the cryptographic "fingerprints" of the public certificate of the laboratory,
  4.  a username and a password to log into the system.

To access our system, two certificates must first be installed in your Internet browser:

  • the electronic user certificate that identifies the browser in our system,
  • and the public certificate of the laboratory, which allows the browser to recognize and access our server.

After installation, you can log into the system by entering your username and password.

Technical Information

The electronic user certificate is received in an encryped file with the extension ".p12". This file must be installed in the user's browser as a user certificate. Here, the installation password is required.

The public certificate of the laboratory can be installed by clicking on the browser. The browser will display an installation dialog, the option to view the certificate and the associated cryptographic "fingerprints" offers, among other things.

To ensure the authenticity of the certificate, it must be compared with the browser displayed cryptographic "Fingerprints" and checked with that obtained during the registration.

Data Security

The password to log into the system should be changed after the first login. The password must not be disclosed to unauthorized persons.

The file containing the electronic user certificate and the associated installation password must be stored separately and protected against unauthorized access.

The electronic user certificate must be installed on the user's own computer. Installation on third-party computers (eg in internet cafes or hotels, with friends or acquaintances, etc.) is not permitted.

If it is suspected that unauthorized persons could have gained access to the login information, the laboratory must be informed.

The user is responsible for the security of data that is downloaded to his computer and processed there.


Tel: (040) 97 07 999 – 0
Fax: (040) 97 07 999 – 99

Access for Clients

Here you can find your results online in a secure area.