Our Specialties

Our staff have additional qualifications that are relevant and of particular benefit for patients and colleagues. We offer among others:

Special Diagnostics for Children

The (pre) analytic challenges among children are particularly demandig. Where possible, we only use methods that have also been validated for children. We are also highly trained in dealing with small sample sizes. Due to this, an above average number of pediatricians send their samples to us.


Nearly one million people in Germany live with blood clotting. Many of them take Vitamin K, antagonists or other anti-coagulants such as Dabigatran. We offer consultations with patients, conduct regular INR training, and advise patients on the difficult question of thrombophilia or of "bridging" (conversion to Heparin during surgery). We also draw blood in the lab to avoid preanalytic errors. Our special diagnostics include the measurement of blood clotting factors, the most important functional tests, as well as the testing for thrombocyte function errors such as evidence of the presence of Aspirin or clopidogrel.

Transfusion Medicine

According to diagnosis and regulations, we carry out outpatient transfusions and infusions in an intimate atmosphere. We determine the blood grou and take care of storage orders. Iron infusions are also possible at any time.

Allergy Dianostics / Autoimmune Diagnostics

The diagnosis of allergy and autoimmune disorders in the laboratory is often difficult. It requires a lot of experience for the proper selection of the right testing systems and then to reliably interpret the results. We specialize in this field and offer among other things rational stage diagnostics as well as the diagnosis of rare antibodies to extractable nuclear antigens.

Our priorities include the analysis of histamine intolerance in connection with the desaminooxidase, excluding lactose, fructose, and gluten intolerance, as well as many food allergens. IgE and IgG4 antibodies can also be tested for by us.

Stool Diagnostics

In addition to the classic microbiological examination of stool samples for pathogenic germs we offer "stool chemical parameters". These make it possible to reliably screen for the most common disease groups; Calprotectin or lactoferrin (excluding bowel inflammation), secretory IgA (disorder of intestinal permeability, allergic reaction), alpha 1-antitrypsin (excluding Eiweissresorptionsstörung Keine uebersetzung dass mir einfaellt), Hb / haptoglobin complex (excluding bleeding), pancreatic elastase (excluding secretory pancreatic insufficiency), and transglutaminase antibodies (diagnosis of gluten intolerance).

The examination can be requested as a "stool panel". In special cases, an examination of the stool flora can be helpful. This can be requested as a self-pay option (IgeL).

Molecular Diagnostics

More and more diseases require a definitive diagnosis through the use of molecular genetic methods. We offer this service in cooperation with Prof. Höppner of Bioglobe GmbH. Since January of 2012, our team is supported by a human geneticist. We offer all genetic tests in cooperation with our partners.

Tumor Markers

We analyse innovative biomarker, which is a service that very few laboratories in Germany are able to offer. These include, among others, the new marker HE4 for the diagnosis of ovarial cancers and Septin 9 as a marker for intestinal cancers, and LSA (lipid-bound sialic acid), which is used as a non-tissue specific marker for prostate cancers as a follow-up to PSA.